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AEGEE-Ankara in Yerevan

This winter the Armenian-Turkish Working Group of AEGEE-Yerevan initiated a blog with our teammates from AEGEE-Ankara. And for 4 months our Turkish friends were writing about the places in Armenia and Yerevan, though most of them have never visited Armenia.

AEGEE-Yerevan was much surprised when Mert, Coordinator of Turkish-Armenian WG of AEGEE-Ankara let us know that they were going to be in Yerevan on the 24th of April. So Kubra, Ali and Mert, members of AEGEE-Ankara, visited Yerevan and AEGEE-Yerevan members and had a unique opportunity to see the places they had been describing before in the joint blog. They visited the Genocide Monument and Museum, the Holy See of Echmiazdin. Most of all, the members of AEGEE-Yerevan were pleasantly surprised that the guests were aware of Armenian culture and even asked to take them to Silva Kaputikyan’s museum. Read the rest of this entry

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