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Agora Enschede – Surprises Non Stop!

3, 2, 1 and the delegates of AEGEE-Yerevan are in Amsterdam, on the way to attend Spring Agora Enschede-the annual statutory event of AEGEE with around 1000 other AEGEE members from all corners of Europe. Excited, happy and cool-those were the words to describe our feelings while we were travelling by train from Amsterdam to Enschede, not only we met part of Comité Directeur in the Central Station of Amsterdam, but also in each train stop we continued collecting AEGEE members and in the end the whole train was full of crazy AEGEEans.

Enschede and University of Twente welcomed us with a great sunny weather not typical for the Netherlands. So many friends meeting each other, so many hugs and kisses!!! So many people you met only on Facebook and all of them are there at the Agora!! What could be more than that to make you feel happy? Read the rest of this entry

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