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When the Sunniest in Europe meets the sunniest in Caucasus!

Once AEGEE-Yerevan and AEGEE-Athens decided to do an Youth in Action exchange program together. The program was meant to promote healthy lifestyle and cultural diversity in Europe. From October 13 to 20 nearly 30 young activists from Yerevan and Athens gathered in Yerevan.

Different workshops, team building and sport activities, meetings and intercultural evenings lasted 10 days and managed to unite youngsters from 2 countries.

Each day of the project was fun and full of both theoretical sessions, as well as sport activities with the mixed groups, including volleyball, basketball and football matches. The participants of the project also had a chance to visit the countryside and the most beautiful corners of Armenia, such as Lake Sevan, Garni, Geghard, , Khor Virap, the Holy See of Echmiadzin and had a chance to have traditional Armenian dinner in the beautiful mountainous green city Dilijan.

On the first day of the exchange the participants of the project went to the stadium to watch the World Cup 2014 Qualifier Game between the football teams of Armenia and Italy. Even though the supported Armenian side lost the game, everybody was happy, as even in the stadium the participants had a chance to make a teambuilding.

Keeping up the best traditions of AEGEE the participants of youth exchange made and had a real AEGEE style European dinner during the European Night! The participants presented national dishes, dances, songs. And there isn’t an AEGEE event without stealing a flag. And this time it was the flag of AEGEE-Yerevan!

After the finalization of the results of the project and follow up session the participants were invited by AEGEE-Yerevan to traditional Armenian restaurant and have farewell dinner.

Europe Day in Armenia. AEGEE-Yerevan joined the celebration

Greek dance, Tour de France, Appenzeller, football fans,
Colossus of Rhodes and magic dragon Amsterdam,
Swiss watches, beer bar, Döner Kebab, sauna,
Flamenco, help for Africa, la-la-la-la…

Tadam…A notification…Armenak Minasyants posted in AEGEE-Yerevan Members Group…

Loading…Wooohooo….!!! It’s call for volunteers for Europe Day in Armenia…


 “I also want to join”,

“Can I join?”,


“I am in”…

This is how AEGEE-Yerevan Members reacted… Read the rest of this entry

AEGEE-Yerevan and Center for European Studies see EU as a path to Development of Armenia

On 11th of May Student Council of the Center for European Studies and AEGEE-Yerevan NGO organized a conference, devoted to the Europe Day. It’s obvious that cooperation between Armenian and European Union involves more and more spheres. The European Commission puts forward concrete ideas for enhancing its relationship with the Eastern neighbors, including Armenia. The Partnership with EU can promote democracy and good governance; strengthen energy security, promote environment protection, improve the legal area and support economic and social development.

All these are the advantages the countries can get as a result of the deeper cooperation. Does it mean that we can consider the reforms provided by the agreements with EU a path leading to development? Read the rest of this entry

AEGEE-Ankara in Yerevan

This winter the Armenian-Turkish Working Group of AEGEE-Yerevan initiated a blog with our teammates from AEGEE-Ankara. And for 4 months our Turkish friends were writing about the places in Armenia and Yerevan, though most of them have never visited Armenia.

AEGEE-Yerevan was much surprised when Mert, Coordinator of Turkish-Armenian WG of AEGEE-Ankara let us know that they were going to be in Yerevan on the 24th of April. So Kubra, Ali and Mert, members of AEGEE-Ankara, visited Yerevan and AEGEE-Yerevan members and had a unique opportunity to see the places they had been describing before in the joint blog. They visited the Genocide Monument and Museum, the Holy See of Echmiazdin. Most of all, the members of AEGEE-Yerevan were pleasantly surprised that the guests were aware of Armenian culture and even asked to take them to Silva Kaputikyan’s museum. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20+Yerevan: Sustainable Development and the Armenian Youth

On April 21st AEGEE-Yerevan with the support of the EU Delegation to Armenia and the UN Mission to Armenia organized Rio+20+Yerevan youth conference, which was held at the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.

At the beginning of the Conference, after opening speeches, Mikayel Minasyants, the coordinator of the project, briefly presented AEGEE4Rio project and its concept and emphasized the importance of such youth discussion for the Armenian youth. The key speaker of the conference was Sevan Holemans, the Belgian Youth Delegate to the UN Rio+20 Conference, which would take place on June 20-22 at the capital of the Federal Republic of Brazil Rio de Janeiro. The Speaker presented in details to the participants the ideology of Rio+20 Process, its importance and also global expectations from it. The representatives from the UNDP Office in Armenia and several NGOs, which are implementing regional development projects by the funding of the European Union, also had their positive contribution in the successful implementation of the Conference. In their presentations they focused on the problems of sustainable development in Armenia, as well as they presented to the participants the involvement of Armenia in Rio+20 Process and in regional projects, which are aimed to the provision of sustainable development, establishment of green economy, as well as to the sustainable land management for mitigating land degradation and reducing poverty in the South Caucasus region, enhancing local capacity and regional cooperation for CCA and biodiversity conservation in Georgia and the South Caucasus. Interesting and comprehensive discussions were conducted on the above mentioned topics and the participants of the conference got an opportunity to ask the field experts plenty of questions. Read the rest of this entry

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