When the Sunniest in Europe meets the sunniest in Caucasus!

Once AEGEE-Yerevan and AEGEE-Athens decided to do an Youth in Action exchange program together. The program was meant to promote healthy lifestyle and cultural diversity in Europe. From October 13 to 20 nearly 30 young activists from Yerevan and Athens gathered in Yerevan.

Different workshops, team building and sport activities, meetings and intercultural evenings lasted 10 days and managed to unite youngsters from 2 countries.

Each day of the project was fun and full of both theoretical sessions, as well as sport activities with the mixed groups, including volleyball, basketball and football matches. The participants of the project also had a chance to visit the countryside and the most beautiful corners of Armenia, such as Lake Sevan, Garni, Geghard, , Khor Virap, the Holy See of Echmiadzin and had a chance to have traditional Armenian dinner in the beautiful mountainous green city Dilijan.

On the first day of the exchange the participants of the project went to the stadium to watch the World Cup 2014 Qualifier Game between the football teams of Armenia and Italy. Even though the supported Armenian side lost the game, everybody was happy, as even in the stadium the participants had a chance to make a teambuilding.

Keeping up the best traditions of AEGEE the participants of youth exchange made and had a real AEGEE style European dinner during the European Night! The participants presented national dishes, dances, songs. And there isn’t an AEGEE event without stealing a flag. And this time it was the flag of AEGEE-Yerevan!

After the finalization of the results of the project and follow up session the participants were invited by AEGEE-Yerevan to traditional Armenian restaurant and have farewell dinner.

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