Europe Day in Armenia. AEGEE-Yerevan joined the celebration

Greek dance, Tour de France, Appenzeller, football fans,
Colossus of Rhodes and magic dragon Amsterdam,
Swiss watches, beer bar, Döner Kebab, sauna,
Flamenco, help for Africa, la-la-la-la…

Tadam…A notification…Armenak Minasyants posted in AEGEE-Yerevan Members Group…

Loading…Wooohooo….!!! It’s call for volunteers for Europe Day in Armenia…


 “I also want to join”,

“Can I join?”,


“I am in”…

This is how AEGEE-Yerevan Members reacted…

Since the very morning of 12 MayEurope Day’s AEGEE volunteers were busy with getting ready for the celebration at Northern Avenue, organized by EU delegation to Armenia.

Europe celebrates it on 9 May. On 9 May 1950 French foreign minister Robert Schuman presented the Schuman Declaration. It proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community (today’s European Union), whose members would pool coal and steel production. This year Armenia celebrated it on 12 May.

Everybody could become a part of the celebration. No visa, no passport control. The entrance was free for the ones who wanted to enjoy Polish folklore, study in Europe, sing French songs, learn doing Latvian embroidery, enjoy Greek dances or actually feel the European multiculturalism.

Europe Day without European food? No way!!! But as the only free cheese is in the mousetrap, Europe Day’s participants had to fill in the quiz and get their lucky ticket to Waffle House.

When clock struck 18:30 AEGEE-Yerevan members from all the corner of Europe, sorry J, from all the corner of Northern Avenue, rushed to Presentation’s Booth. President of AEGEE-Yerevan, Armenak Minasyants and founder of AEGEE-Yerevan, Shushan Khachatryan had a very catchy and up-to-date “Volunteers, Makes Difference” presentation.

About Shushan Khachatryan

Shushan Khachatryan, MBA candidate at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Founder of AEGEE-Yerevan back in 2010, member of AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project. Enthusiastic about Eastern Partnership Programme and contributes to the programme by encouraging youth initiatives. Dream is to see peaceful Caucasus in the very nearest future.

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