AEGEE-Yerevan members are not only active citizens involved in various activities, but also young and enthusiastic guys who love playing football once in a while.

On the 4th of March AEGEE Yerevan members, well, the boys, to be exact, took part in a football match. It was even more interesting to watch the game since the members of both teams were from AEGEE Yerevan. Naturally any result would be our win, but the two teams played really well leading to a drawn game. Now let’s find out what the guys think about that historic match.

1.Do you consider yourself a football fan? If so then what is your favorite team?

Aram Janazyan: I can go days without watching football, and I don’t feel bad about it. But sometimes I feel like hanging out with my friends and watching a great football match, especially the national team of Armenia, Brasil and Italy, also the matches of football clubs.

Mikayel Minasyants: I’m not such an emotional fan. You know just a fan, not a fanatic. But I have my favorite team and it is FC Real Madrid. I fell in love with this team from my early years. I can’t explain that, I just love this team and all.

Arthur Grigoryan: Of course I’m a football fan. I have been playing football since I was a child and I like to watch football matches. My favorite team is Manchester united (Red Devils).

Suren Gharibyan: Yes and my favorite team is AS Roma.

Ararat Mkrtumyan: I am a football fan and I’m the most devoted fan of FC BARCELONA.

Armenak Minasyants: Yeah, I am really even not a fan but a fanatic, my most favorite football club is Manchester United and of course my most favorite national team is Armenia.

2.What was the best part of this game? Something that you will never forget.

Aram Janazyan: I think that in football for any player the best moment is when your team scores a goal. There was a moment that I will never forget. I was a goalkeeper and the ball hit my stomach and it bounced back.  To tell you the truth it was painful but I kept my cool and everything turned out to be great.

Mikayel Minasyants: Mmm… I remember a moment, when Suren made powerful kick and Aram just jumped away, to avoid the ball. It was too funny. For me it was the best moment of our incredible game.

Arthur Grigoryan: All the game was very interesting, and I’ll never forget it.

Suren Gharibyan: I will not forget our fans, our supporting girls 😀

Ararat Mkrtumyan: Saves of Miqayel Minasyants as a goalkeeper.

Armenak Minasyants: I guess the toughness of whole game as none of the guys was trying to retreat….everybody was playing on his maximum and was trying to show his best skills. It is a bit uncommon and remarkable for friendly matches.

3.Would you like to play again? If yes, with what team?

Aram Janazyan: A match with Saudi Arabia national team, since we have chances of winning them 🙂

Mikayel Minasyants: Yes, of course. It will be a pleasure to play with our guys again. You know, team is secondary; there is no reason to see differences in players. We are playing for fun and for our great and lovely girls.  He plays good, and he does not. No. In AEGEE we all are in one team, and even when we aren’t in the same team, we are in the same team.

Arthur Grigoryan: I would like to play AEGEE-football every week, cause it’s a good idea to spend a great time with AEGEE-ans 🙂

Suren Gharibyan: Yes I would like to play again, for example vs another NGO.

Ararat Mkrtumyan: Sure I’d like to play again, no matter what team it would be.

Armenak Minasyants: No doubt I would and I guess all our guys will join me. The opponent is not important, but it would be nice to have a match with either another NGO or maybe with our girls, for example a match of mixed teams.

4.What was the first thing you did when you got home after the match?

Aram Janazyan: I took a shower, had a dinner, watched TV and went out to run some errands.

Mikayel Minasyants: I took a shower.

Arthur Grigoryan: After the football match I went to swimming pool and sauna for relaxing and to a swimming class.

Suren Gharibyan:   I Drank a lot of water 😀

Ararat Mkrtumyan: I went to sleep 🙂

Armenak Minasyants: I took a shower and started to massage my knees, as I have injured both of them.

5.If you could become one of the famous football players just for a couple of hours, in order to win the game   who would you choose?

Aram Janazyan: Ronaldinho.

Mikayel Minasyants: Roberto Carlos or someone else who plays defender position and has powerful and freaky shots.

Arthur Grigoryan: I would not like to be a famous player at that football match, because we won that match without it, only by our hard work.

Suren Gharibyan:   I will choose Francesco Totti.

Ararat Mkrtumyan: Andrés Iniesta Luján (FC Barcelona).

Armenak Minasyants: Of course Wayne Rooney.


6.Would you like to make a compliment to any specific team member? Somebody who played outstandingly well?

Aram Janazyan: Arthur Grigoryan, Tigran Hakobyan, and Suren Gharibyan from another team.

Mikayel Minasyants: We all played well. Especially…. I

Arthur Grigoryan: It’s my own opinion, but I want to say that the best player of the match is Suren Gharibyan. We have been playing football together for many years and obviously he is a good forward.

Suren Gharibyan:   All of us.

Ararat Mkrtumyan: In my opinion Miqayel Minasyants was the player of the match.

Armenak Minasyants: A bit difficult thing to do as football is definitely a team game, but anyway, not only one, but several people; of course Mike, who has outstanding performance as goalkeeper and Suren for his Francesco Totti style shots from the half of the field.

7.Did you like the match? What impressions do you have?

Aram Janazyan: We had great fans, which supported the teams actively; we were in a great mood and had a friendly atmosphere.

Mikayel Minasyants: As I mentioned, the game was incredible and stunning. I haven’t played football for about two years but I get great emotions and I was boiling in my own endorphins.

Arthur Grigoryan: Of course I did. It was very nice to hear the voice of our fans (AEGEE-ans) and it gave us a lot of energy for playing and for our victory.

Suren Gharibyan: I liked it a lot and got unforgettable impressions

Ararat Mkrtumyan: I liked the match and it was well organized, “well played”. Everything was GOOD.

Armenak Minasyants: Match was really interesting and the playing time passed away too fast…..just 60 minutes in 1 second. Anyway, I was totally impressed not as much with the match but the superb support which our girls brought with them to the hall. Really it was perfect to play in front of them.

About Shushan Khachatryan

Shushan Khachatryan, MBA candidate at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Founder of AEGEE-Yerevan back in 2010, member of AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project. Enthusiastic about Eastern Partnership Programme and contributes to the programme by encouraging youth initiatives. Dream is to see peaceful Caucasus in the very nearest future.

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