It’s All Correct Guys

We daily use thousands words in different languages. They all lack meanings and have various origins. But in fact there are some words which are so popular, that are used not only in specific country but are considered as international ones.  Every 5th person in the world uses the word ‘’OK’’. Interesting right? Only 2 letters, but already accepted and spread all over the world. The question is: where do they come from? And how they conquered the world?

Well, there are plenty explanations of its origin. But the only exact thing is that this 2 letters are America’s greatest word, the most successful export to the rest of the world. “OK” is also a way, philosophy of thinking. Optimistic way of thinking, it lacks the points of view of this nation.

So, the word ‘’OK’’ was first used in Boston newspaper in 1839. It was used as a joke (can u imagine that?), an abbreviation for ‘’all correct’’.  It seems the letters don’t match ha? That’s why it is called a sarcastic joke. The author meant, that ‘o’ is not the beginning of ‘all’ and  ‘k’ is not the beginning of ‘correct’.  And these means ‘’OK’’ comes for ‘’all correct’’.  A simple abbreviation joke, that could be forgotten, conquered the world.  Its optimistic meaning made people use the word more often, sometimes even not necessarily. I myself use this word 4 times an hour (yes I counted). Suddenly I realized that this word is a part of my life, and is kind of a catchy word for me. I wonder can I survive a day without using the word ‘’OK”? Let’s try……   Happy OK international day people!!!!!!

Siranush Mantarlyan


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