Long Term Partnership Agreement with the Slavonic University

Few days ago, on the 13th of February 2012 another golden moment came to the history of AEGEE-Yerevan, which would always stay in the minds of all members of the Organization. On the mentioned day the President of AEGEE-Yerevan Armenak Minasyants signed really a historical agreement with the Rector of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University in Armenia. According to the agreement AEGEE-Yerevan and the Slavonic University establish long term cooperation in various fields, starting from the development and planing of joint projects, up to promotional and informational partnership. In order to get some more updates on this topic we approached the President of the Organization who kindly accepted our request and answered to our questions and gave some clarifications on the topic:
AEGEE-Yerevan: So, in few words, what does the agreement foreseen in particular?

Armenak Minasyants:Well, too many things to mention everything on spot. Firstly, I would like to thank the Slavonic University and its staff for super work and efforts which they have done and also all AEGEE-Yerevan members who were involved in this process. We have jointly developed the agreement during 2 months and at last we signed it. It entered into legal force from the moment of signation and I am glad right now officially to announce that the Slavonic University has become our exclusive national partner university. In general the partnership includes all possible spheres of cooperation and very soon you would get many and many new, creative and interesting projects and initiatives which would be developed jointly.

AEGEE-Yerevan:Why the Local Board of AEGEE-Yerevan has chosen the Slavonic University?Armenak Minasyants: Yes the selection of the partner university was a bit difficult issue for the Board. In AEGEE Network it is very common thing that local antennas are making partnerships with the local universities, as it is very beneficial for both sides. In Armenia the development of the cooperation with the universities is a bit difficult issue, as not all universities are willing to get involved in such activities and do not imagine even the scopes of the possible cooperation. The most of them have their student councils and they do not see necessity to make a partnership with the other non-governmental body which is focusing on the youth issues.Anyway, AEGEE-Yerevan got at least 3 partnership suggestions during last 5-6 months from various universities, but we have made selection of the Slavonic University and the main reason for that was their very professional approach and big motivation and commitment to make mutually beneficial partnership.

AEGEE-Yerevan: Please name the biggest achievement which AEGEE-Yerevan would get as a result of this agreement?

Armenak Minasyants: The permanent office at the university and possibility to make Local Agoras or any over meeting at the Office. Previously it was our main problem, as we have been developing many and many big projects and each time we had some problems with the venues for making team meetings. Also for many times we have been asked by the externals about our office and each time we had to avoid such questions, as for us as well it was a bit difficult to imagine such fast growing and strong organization without permanent office. This achievement would surely positively influence on the quality and level of all our upcoming projects.

So, as it has been stated from this moment the cooperation is officially launched and we hope that this agreement will be another step forward for the Organization and wait for many and many new and interesting updates.


About Shushan Khachatryan

Shushan Khachatryan, MBA candidate at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Founder of AEGEE-Yerevan back in 2010, member of AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project. Enthusiastic about Eastern Partnership Programme and contributes to the programme by encouraging youth initiatives. Dream is to see peaceful Caucasus in the very nearest future.

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